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Terms and Conditions



Tickets for Formula 1 Heineken Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2020 will be available for withdrawal after 8 days
from the purchase date at the official store of Shopping Market Place, as of September 1, 2020, or at the
Customer Service Center of José Carlos Pace circuit, as of November 6, 2020.

Ticket collection must be made by the registration holder on site, with the following document: Passport of
the site registration holder; credit card used to purchase; voucher available in the printed purchase history
and signed by the site registration holder. In case the collection is not made by the site registration holder, in addition to the documents above, the following must be presented as well: “Collection by third parties” term, available on the event purchase page footer, on Tudus website (www.tudus.com.br) completed and
signed by the registration holder; Passport of the person authorized to pick up.

In case this rule is not fulfilled, the ticket cannot be picked up without the right to reimbursement, at the
event’s organizers’ discretion.


After the order registration, change of type of ticket, sector, seat, or any other information will not be
possible. In case any type of change is necessary, the order must be fully cancelled, according to
cancellation terms below, and a new purchase must be made.

For purchases made through the site, the customer can cancel the order in up to 7 (seven) calendar days
after the purchase date. Cancelled tickets are automatically put back for sale.

For cancellations made after the 7 (seven) calendar days from the purchase date, a cancellation FEE will be
charged corresponding to 10% of the purchase value. Promoters are not to be accountable for eventual
delays or lag in the reimbursement process by the administrator or credit card issuing bank.

The deadline for cancellation of your order is up to 7 (seven) days before the event day, that is, November
6, 2020.

In case your order has been already withdrawn, your purchase cannot be cancelled.
It is not possible to partially cancel your purchase. All tickets bought in the same payment will be cancelled


Dates and opening hours:

• November 6, 2020 thru November 12, 2020: from 9 am to 5 pm;
• November 13, 2020: from 7 am to 5 pm; and
• November 14 and 15, 2020: from 7 am to 12 o’clock

Address: Av. Senador Teotônio Vilela s/n, by Gate 7, José Carlos Pace circuit, Interlagos.


Dates and opening hours:

September 1, 2020 thru November 14, 2020: from 10 am to 10 pm, except Sunday or national holidays, when the hours will be from 2 pm to 8 pm.

Address: Av. Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 902, Vila Cordeiro, São Paulo, 04795-100


We would like to inform that during the Event’s three days, gates will be open to the public at 8 am and closed at 02:10 pm.

Hours can be changed without previous notice.


The Event schedule is available on the official website (www.gpbrasil.com.br) and can be changed without
previous notice.


There is no replacement of tickets under no circumstances, whether for losses, theft, damage or because
you forgot them. Tickets should be kept in safe place, away from electronic or magnetic devices and
protected from heat, humidity and sunlight.
We would also like to inform that seats are marked with the number corresponding to the ticket. The
numbering of seats is on the back of the ticket. Occupation of seat with numbering different from that
marked in your ticket may cause adoption of applicable measures by relevant authorities.
ATTENTION: The ticket for Formula 1 Heineken Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2020 allows one single access to the circuit.


Formula 1 Heineken Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2020 tickets are the Promoters’ property and are destined to
permit customers’ access to the circuit facilities during the three days of the Event. Thus, the customer
undertakes to not sell and/or allow the sale of these tickets to third parties, not to destine them to
promotional actions and not use them in any other way to obtain economic advantage.
Infringers will respond as provided by law and will also indemnify the Promoters for all and any expenses,
losses, demands, actions, penalties or fines directly or indirectly associated to the irregular use of the
tickers for any reason.
The tickets involved in the infraction will lose validity and, under no circumstance, restitution of values will


Tickets purchase does not grant any license or concession for use of Formula 1 Heineken Grande Prêmio do
Brasil 2020, or Formula One Management – FOM brand and/or logotype, and their undue use or
transcription is forbidden. Eventual infractions of intellectual property rights on the mentioned brands will cause applicable administrative and/or legal measures, including similarity that can cause confusion or be misleading.


No type of sound and/or image recording of the Event for professional use, public disclosure or for any type
of commercial use will be allowed. We warn that FOWC, Formula One World Championship, holds sound
and image rights of all stages of the Formula One World Championship, and, therefore, all rights of
recordings generated during the Formula 1 Heineken Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2020 are assigned to FOWC.

The Promoters, as holders of Formula 1 Heineken Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2020 rights, can, at their own
and exclusive discretion, freely use the images and voices captured during the three days of the Event, for
purposes of exhibition in advertising materials, production of promotional material, including on the
internet, for purposes of divulgation or for composition of any product associated to it, to promote
merchandising actions or propaganda, as well as to develop any licensing activity for product and/or service
resulting from the Event, or, also, use it in any other way that will provide any type of economic advantage
to the promoters.

None of the uses provided or, any other use of images intended by promoters, whose utilization was
automatically authorized after access and participation in the Event, have limitation of time or number of
times, can occur in Brazil and/or abroad, and no remuneration will be due, because the mentioned
authorization is granted for free, and it is from now on agreed upon that the authorizing participant has
nothing to complaint with regard to the authorization now granted, in court or outside it.


All grandstands at José Carlos Pace Interlagos circuit are suitable to receive persons with reduced mobility
at the Formula 1 Heineken Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2020, including adapted toilets.

For half-price tickets purchase for disabled persons and/or persons with reduced mobility that need tickets
for companion, at the time of choice of the amount of tickets, only the amount of tickets referring to
beneficiaries (disabled persons and/or persons with reduced mobility) should be informed.

We emphasize that for tickets withdrawals and access to the racetrack in the three days of the Event, the
disabled person and/or person with reduced mobility and the companion must be together.


Age limit for access to the circuit during the Formula 1 Heineken Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2020 was defined by the Juvenile Division of the Regional Court of Santo Amaro/SP, through Ordinance 03/2019, as below:

• 0 to 4 years old – are not allowed to enter Interlagos circuit;
• 5 to 11 years old – are allowed to enter the circuit as long as they are accompanied by the father or legal representative;
• 12 to 15 years old – are allowed to enter the circuit as long as they are accompanied by a legal representative (over 18 years of age), with authorization in writing by the father or legal representative;
• 16 to 18 years old – are allowed to enter the circuit without authorization or accompanied by a legal representative (over 18 years of age).

In case a companion is required, the following documents must be presented:

• Original document with photo of the minor and his legal representative; and
• Authorization for minors available on the footer of the event purchase page, on Tudus website
(www.tudus.com.br), signed by the minor’s legal representative.


For reasons of public, collective and sanitary security, entrance to the circuit during the three (3) days of the Formula 1 Heineken Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2020 is strictly forbidden for any person carrying objects that may cause injuries, discomfort or constraints, as well as any items that compromise the collective integrity and security or which fail to obey the legal and sanitary standards, such as the examples below, without limitation:

1. Any types of weapons, whether they are firearms, melee weapons and their types (or part of them), such as:
  • Any type of firearms;
  • Any part of a firearm;
  • Any type of ammunition or gunpowder;
  • Items that resemble a firearm – e.g. toy guns, replicas or simulacra and weapons with light or spark emission;
  • Pneumatic weapons and airsoft guns;
  • Any item that can be used as an improvised weapon;
  • Knives, scissors, daggers, swords, pocket knives, razor blades;
  • Drills, saws, harpoons, arrows, axes, utility knives, screwdrivers, needles;
  • Hammers, pliers;
  • Paddles, clubs, sticks and similar equipment;
  • Any other object that could be used to injure others.
2. Flammable materials, substances or explosive devices, such as:
  • Pyrotechnic artifacts – e.g. flares, smoke bombs;
  • Explosive substances – e.g. TNT, dynamite, plastic explosives;
  • Electric detonators and detonation capsules;
  • Any type of fireworks;
  • Any suspicious device or mechanism that could be used to activate explosives remotely or locally;
  • Any item that could be used as an improvised explosive.
3. Bulky objects, that is, any item larger than 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm in volume and which cannot be stored between the feet or which occupies a person’s space, such as:
  • Styrofoam boxes;
  • Folding chairs;
  • Coolers or thermal boxes;
  • Large bags;
  • Backpacks, suitcases, sports bags and similar items.
4. Objects that are harmful to the continuity of the event or which may cause injuries or be thrown, such as:
  • Glass objects or any other breakable or rigid material, such as Tupperware packaging, Tetra Pak packaging, bowls, bottles and glasses – even if made of plastic, and cans;
  • Sticks;
  • Camera brackets;
  • Pepper or mustard gas sprays;
  • Neuromuscular incapacitation devices (tasers);
  • Laser pointers, strobe lights, or other light-emitting devices;
  • Felt tip pens;
  • Rain and UV umbrellas;
  • Canes and crutches;
  • Selfie sticks;
  • Flagpoles;
  • Paints, among others;
  • Laptops;
  • Helmets.
5. Professional objects for image and sound capture, such as:
  • Professional cameras (interchangeable lens);
  • Professional filming equipment;
  • Drones or other flying objects.
6. Items that create excessive noise, such as:
  • Megaphone, sirens, or air horns;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Whistles.
7. Clothing that fully covers the face, not allowing the identification of the person.

8. Posters, flags or banners larger than 2.0 x 1.5 m in size, signs, leaflets, objects or clothing with references to offensive, homophobic, racist or xenophobic causes.

9. Large amounts of paper and/or paper rolls, dust, flour, and similar substances.

10. Liquids of any kind, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

11. Any substances prohibited or regulated by current legislation such as narcotics, depressants, or stimulants.

12. Animals of any kind, with the exception of guide dogs, with adequate training and upon presentation of the identification document and identification nameplate, issued by the Guide Dog Training Center, updated vaccination card, and animal equipment, in accordance with current legislation.

The Formula 1 Heineken Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2020 ticket holder shall be subject to inspections, search
and removal of non-authorized objects by authorities assigned and/or authorized employees, duly
identified, at Interlagos circuit entrance, during the three days of event.


Only up to 03 (three) food items per person will be allowed.
The items must be appropriately sealed, in their original packaging, except for fruits, which must be cut and
kept in transparent and not rigid packaging, “Zip Lock” type. Entire fruits will not be allowed.
Any amount that exceeds this limit may be discarded at the event entrance.
Any type of liquid, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will not be allowed.

ATTENTION: persons with food restrictions must previously inform it to the event organization.


Ticket holders whose actions prove to be contrary to the present Terms and Conditions, and/or that behave
inappropriately, putting at risk the event security or that of the other viewers, can have their entry rejected
or can be removed from the event, and their respective tickets will be cancelled without right to
reimbursement, at the event’s organizers’ discretion.

Declaration of invalidity or the non-enforcement by the competent court of any of the dispositions
contained in the present Terms will not invalidate the enforcement of the other norms.


According to legislation in force, the Brazilian judicial authority is responsible for proceeding and judging actions where the basis is a fact occurred or practiced in Brazil.

In case any of the dispositions contained in the present document is declared null, ineffective or not
applicable by the corresponding competent court, all the other dispositions will remain valid.


1. The 49th Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix will be held in November, 13 thru 15, 2020, at José Carlos
Pace circuit, São Paulo;
2. Tickets prices are available on the official website and at the circuit box office (except for
corporate and/or courtesy tickets);
3. The holder will only have access to the indicated sector;
4. This ticket allows for one single access to the circuit;
5. During the three days of the event, gates will be open to the public at 8 am and closed at 02:10
pm, and these hours can be changed without previous notice. The whole schedule is available on
website gpbrasil.com.br;
6. Entry of persons carrying items that may cause risk and/or injuries is forbidden. For further
information, check the event’s official website;
7. The use of tickets for promotional purposes without authorization by the Promoters is forbidden;
8. No type of sound and image recording for professional use, commercial purposes and/or public
exhibitions will be allowed;
9. Information on the Event Authorization License and AVCB are available on website
10. Infringers of these dispositions will respond as provided by law.


For further information and to clear any doubts about your Order, contact us via email:
[email protected].